Leon Morten Richter

DevOps Engineer specializing in application scalability and performance.

I have experience as a DevOps Engineer specializing in hydroacoustic systems for naval and commercial applications. My expertise spans operating system internals, network protocols (including UDP and TCP), and system programming languages like Python and C/C++. I've worked extensively across the Linux stack—from Kernel and networking to containerization and applications — while also contributing to open-source projects. My focus includes managing highly available systems and applying software development and system design principles, always emphasizing quality assurance.

I enjoy building robust, innovative, and advanced systems and working alongside motivated individuals. Professionally, my interests lie in automation, scalability, and performance. I have a passion for efficiency and constantly seek to automate manual tasks. Moreover, I hold the belief that mastering the fundamentals opens doors to limitless possibilities. While new technologies may be enticing, being stuck often stems from a lack of foundational knowledge. This mindset has driven me to gain a deep understanding of the critical protocols and standards that shape our modern world.

On a personal level, I value a stoic mindset and rational approach to life. I'm naturally curious and enjoy exploring new ideas, finding fulfillment in meaningful discussions that broaden my perspective. I appreciate the beauty and thoughtfulness in art and craftsmanship. Meditation and self-healing are important to me for maintaining inner balance. Nature brings me solace and inspiration.

I have significantly reduced my engagement with social media. Through personal experience, I've come to realize that virtual make-believe realities and trivial conversations do not contribute positively to my life. While remnants of my previous social media profiles may still exist, they remain abandoned. My focus now lies in fostering meaningful dialogues with real people in authentic settings. If you wish to connect with me, the most effective means of reaching out are through email, the contact form, or the Signal messenger.

Public Key Information

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Contact me via email: me [at] leonmortenrichter [dot] de