About Me

I am a DevOps Engineer from Kiel, Germany. Currently, I am working at ELAC Sonar GmbH — a market leader in hydroacoustic systems for naval, hydrographic and commercial applications. Before that I worked as an automation engineer at Raytheon Anschütz — a world-leading manufacturer and integrator of navigation and naval systems. Prior to that I studied computer science at the Christian-Albrechts university (CAU) in Kiel.

I mostly design and create scripts and development tools for agile software development. But as a DevOps Engineer I also perform administrative tasks, design and execute software tests and find optimal solutions for operational processes as well. Most of my programming is based on the Python programming language and/or BASH scripts. But I already got work done in different languages (C, C++, Java, Javascript, Go).

I love the idea of building robust, innovative and advanced systems and enjoy working together with motivated people. Professionally my interests are automation, scalability and performance. I love efficiency and am always looking for creative ways to automate manual tasks. I also believe that almost nothing is beyond your reach once you master the basics. As cool and tempting as new technologies are, if you're stuck, it's probably due to a lack of foundation. This attitude has led me to understand the most important protocols and standards.

In my spare time I drive fast cars, am involved in politics and listen to podcasts passionately.

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